Definition of Semantic Web in US English:

Semantic Web


  • A proposed development of the World Wide Web in which data in web pages is structured and tagged in such a way that it can be read directly by computers.

    ‘the Semantic Web could usher in a golden age of information access’
    • ‘The technology for automated matchmaking and personal rights-management depends on matching standards being developed for the agent-mediated "semantic Web".’
    • ‘The Semantic Web is the most prominent of a family of initiatives that can be grouped under the rubric "matching technologies."’
    • ‘The semantic web began to make its presence felt in the conference, with sessions on ontologies, web agents, and web technologies.’
    • ‘The Semantic Web has generated much talk ever since Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, first mentioned it a few years ago.’
    • ‘As the Semantic Web gains momentum, it's important for Web service developers to keep abreast of its technologies and prepare for a change in their industry.’
    • ‘Conceived by the architects of the worldwide web, the Semantic Web provides a way of managing the explosion of information on the web.’
    • ‘XML is the foundation of two important emerging technologies: Web Services and the Semantic Web.’
    • ‘For a system like the Semantic Web, ontologies and taxonomies are key.’
    • ‘Semantic Web proponents are looking to XML and RDF to meet these new challenges.’
    • ‘As the Semantic Web gains momentum, an increased number of information resources will be just as useful to software agents as to humans.’