Definition of seltzer in US English:


(also seltzer water)


  • 1Soda water.

    • ‘Be sure to include offerings from the alcohol-free zone: sparkling water, fruit juice mixed with seltzer or ginger ale, spiced iced tea or cider.’
    • ‘This was the first artificially carbonated water, known as soda water or seltzer.’
    • ‘They had to drink seltzer water instead of champagne and had even been given a pasteboard turkey which they were expected to pretend to consume.’
    • ‘There are other alternatives such as herbal teas, and some soft drinks such as seltzer, fruit-flavored soft drinks, or ginger ale, which have never contained caffeine.’
    • ‘Quality has been getting better, though in the past they've seemed more like seltzer than sparkling wines; Parxet is particularly nice.’
    1. 1.1 Medicinal mineral water from Niederselters in Germany.
      • ‘The word ‘seltzer’ originated in Niederselters, Germany, where natural springs produced carbonated water enjoyed by the locals.’
      • ‘Centuries ago, I would have had to travel to Niederselters, Germany, wherefrom the word ‘seltzer’ derives, to drink from their natural pools of carbonated water.’


Mid 18th century: alteration of German Selterser, from ( Nieder)selters (see above).