Definition of Sellotape in US English:



  • Transparent adhesive tape.

    • ‘The original cellophane has then been re-applied and the slit covered by a combination of a piece of Sellotape (applied in a strip so that it appears to be a seam in the cellophane) and the importer's label/sticker.’
    • ‘My shoes were hurting my feet so much that I resorted to sticking Sellotape to the places where my shoes were rubbing me and even so I was half limping most of the way home.’
    • ‘In the past week a notice headed ‘consultation’ was put up by City of York Council on the gate leading into Walmgate Stray off Heslington Road - it had been attached to a gatepost with Sellotape.’
    • ‘In fact the clips on the lid broke the first time I used it, and I had to tape the lid down for each churn with about half a roll of Sellotape - a procedure I followed every time I made ice cream for the next five years.’
    • ‘They used Sellotape on the dismembered flowers and Mum, God bless her, never noticed.’
    adhesive tape, sticky tape, insulating tape, masking tape, parcel tape
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  • with object and adverbial Fasten or stick with transparent adhesive tape.

    ‘there was a note sellotaped to my door’
    • ‘The flashing little LED was a Gilswick Electronics original, which he'd Tippexed out, and Sellotaped over a half dozen times.’
    • ‘I want to break into his flat and Sellotape his hands behind his back.’
    • ‘The bottles should be popped into brown paper bags and Sellotaped at the top so you cannot see the label.’
    • ‘First, we blocked up all the holes in the kitchen with scrunched up pages from the Daily Mirror (I always knew it had to be useful for something) and Sellotaped all the cupboards shut.’
    • ‘Terri stared at a weeks-old hand-written order for some obscure deleted LP, which was Sellotaped hopefully to the side of the till.’
    attach, stick, fasten, bind, fix, post, secure, join, connect, couple
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1940s: from an alteration of cellulose + tape.