Definition of seller's (or sellers') market in US English:

seller's (or sellers') market


  • An economic situation in which goods or shares are scarce and sellers can keep prices high.

    • ‘All the sellers are going to say this is a seller's market.’
    • ‘The buyer's market for auditors - in which accounting firms cross-sold consulting services and pandered to clients - has been transformed into a seller's market.’
    • ‘It's a seller's market now and there are tremendous opportunities out there.’
    • ‘In a seller's market for skilled workers, employees are more demanding about what they want and less appreciative of what they get.’
    • ‘But because health care is a seller's market and the customers have nowhere else to go, the health care providers can pass their costs along - and they do.’
    • ‘While before 1989 it was basically a seller's market, after 1989 it has turned into a buyer's market.’
    • ‘This was a sellers' market and the new cash caused prices to rise.’
    • ‘In a seller's market like this, buyers behave very carefully.’
    • ‘How might such an event affect the seller's market for TV advertising?’
    • ‘Unlike some major urban areas, like San Francisco and the nearby Silicon Valley, where housing prices flattened or turned down during the past two years, the second-home niche has become a seller's market.’