Definition of seller in US English:



  • 1A person who sells something.

    ‘street sellers of newspapers, flowers, etc.’
    • ‘One of the nostalgic memories all visitors to Turkey bring home are the cries, along with the call to prayers, of the ubiquitous street sellers.’
    • ‘A market stall-holder, a seller of vegetables, tries to buy your sword for just three gold coins.’
    • ‘Their children will have to drop out of school and get in fight on the streets, or become street musicians or street newspaper sellers.’
    • ‘The street sellers are expected to abide by the city's regulations to keep the streets clean and organized.’
    • ‘She was an orange girl, a flower seller and small girl selling water cress and many more.’
    • ‘These retailers, rather than newsagents, are now the biggest sellers of newspapers.’
    • ‘Many African musicians find that they do better financially by marketing their own cassettes through street sellers.’
    • ‘It's an occasion for patriotism, with street sellers offering flags to passers-by.’
    • ‘I can't eat my soup and sandwich at Atlas without something to read, and so I stop off to buy the Nottingham Evening Post from a street seller.’
    • ‘The street sellers are all eager, animated young men who use guile and smiles to get shoppers to pay up.’
    • ‘Clark, who was a newspaper seller on the streets and was known as Nobby, was attacked at night and robbed of his watch and the contents of his money belt.’
    • ‘However, there are areas in Jakarta where sellers lineup on the streets with small puppies in cages for sale.’
    • ‘Police have declared war on rogue street sellers causing a nuisance to shoppers and traders in Chelmsford.’
    • ‘This also includes not intruding on the preferred sites of street traders and Big Issue sellers.’
    • ‘Trading standards chiefs found street sellers peddling the furry pandas, rabbits, cats and dogs in Rochdale and Oldham.’
    • ‘I searched in vain for the street seller I bought a necklace from and promptly lost in the Blue Lagoon near Keflavik.’
    • ‘Soak up the atmosphere as you mingle with fruit and spice sellers, basket sellers and ironmongers.’
    • ‘He remembers Evening Advertiser street sellers standing outside the main works entrance and at several other places in Swindon.’
    • ‘But by this time shopkeepers and fellow street sellers had gathered around, so the group left.’
    • ‘There are also many street musicians, artists and flower sellers.’
    vendor, retailer, purveyor, shopkeeper, supplier, stockist, trader, merchant, dealer
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    1. 1.1the seller The party in a legal transaction who is selling.
      ‘the seller may accept the buyer's offer’
      • ‘As a buyer any seller can accept your bid price or you can accept any seller's asking price.’
      • ‘There are three parties involved, the seller, the livestock marts, and the Department of Agriculture.’
      • ‘Feedback is given by a buyer about a seller when a transaction takes place.’
      • ‘The buyer and seller give feedback on each other that future participants can take into consideration when making a trade.’
      • ‘A preliminary agreement is made between the buyer and seller and an initial contract is signed by both parties.’
      • ‘The identity of the buyer remains hidden from the sellers until the transaction is completed.’
      • ‘What if markets were comprised of something more than the presence of buyers and sellers transacting business?’
      • ‘In a Nehemiah transaction, the seller reimburses Nehemiah for the down payment assistance.’
      • ‘As a result, there are opportunities for better and more frequent transactions between buyers and sellers.’
      • ‘Intermediaries often assisted organizations in maximizing the value of the exchange between buyer and seller.’
      • ‘The first type, called futures or forwards, oblige a buyer and seller to complete a transaction at a predetermined time in the future at a price agreed upon today.’
      • ‘The process of turning casual, one-off transactions between buyers and sellers has often been described as relationship marketing.’
      • ‘Is the exchange specialized enough to provide what a buyer or seller really needs?’
      • ‘Mostly, though, good presentation can and almost always does promote an easy transaction and a happy relationship between buyer and seller.’
      • ‘Rather, we are a global marketplace for sellers and buyers who transact directly with one another.’
      • ‘All charges are borne by the sellers, with no transaction costs to the buyers.’
      • ‘For every seller, there must be a buyer, so the net flow is zero.’
      • ‘Even after the advent of stone and metal money, the basis of business transactions remained the trust between buyer and seller.’
      • ‘As always between buyer and seller, however, differing issues remain.’
      • ‘It makes its money by charging a small commission to sellers, and promises both parties protection from fraudulent transactions.’
  • 2with adjective A product that sells in some specified way.

    ‘the game will undoubtedly be the biggest seller of the year’
    • ‘Its popularity has helped to maintain the Indo as the biggest daily seller in the Republic with a circulation of 165,000.’
    • ‘Published in 1918, the book was a sensationally fast seller and had to be reprinted six times within the year.’
    • ‘Food and body care products are poised to become big sellers, he predicted.’
    • ‘Hart said another big seller was a three-in-one powertool kit with a free workbench.’
    • ‘Mobile phones were another big seller as long as they came with hefty discounts.’
    • ‘Toys are always good sellers and the teams have produced a rich variety.’
    • ‘McNett also has a surprise firearm-related product waiting in the wings that'll be a hot seller.’
    • ‘That is easy in some cases, especially for those products you were convinced were going to be hot sellers.’
    • ‘His company's products are the biggest sellers in Britain, America, Europe and Australia.’
    • ‘We'll probably have to downsize this whole department soon to make room for whatever the next big seller is.’
    • ‘The sheer power of the Hip-Hop Economy is that a product can become a top seller simply by being mentioned in a tune.’
    • ‘Does that mean that there can be books that are huge sellers, best-sellers, that are not on the list?’
    • ‘The familiar style made famous by Brendan over the years is much to the fore on his latest production which should prove a popular seller this Christmas.’
    • ‘The roast chicken pie has been most popular seller since the Glasgow shop opened for business a week ago.’
    • ‘He had never had a really big seller, and frankly was never likely to, because his books are much too subtle and demanding for the average Joe.’
    • ‘The Star Wars products were the biggest sellers in company history.’
    • ‘Another big seller in the US is the Meade made by the Bunratty company.’
    • ‘Some medicines expected to be big sellers flop; some produced with only modest expectations flourish.’
    • ‘It's the drug company's top seller, grossing $4.28 billion dollars last year.’
    • ‘Butchers confirmed that sales were buoyant, with beef being the number one seller.’


  • seller's (or sellers') market

    • An economic situation in which goods or shares are scarce and sellers can keep prices high.

      • ‘How might such an event affect the seller's market for TV advertising?’
      • ‘This was a sellers' market and the new cash caused prices to rise.’
      • ‘The buyer's market for auditors - in which accounting firms cross-sold consulting services and pandered to clients - has been transformed into a seller's market.’
      • ‘But because health care is a seller's market and the customers have nowhere else to go, the health care providers can pass their costs along - and they do.’
      • ‘In a seller's market for skilled workers, employees are more demanding about what they want and less appreciative of what they get.’
      • ‘In a seller's market like this, buyers behave very carefully.’
      • ‘While before 1989 it was basically a seller's market, after 1989 it has turned into a buyer's market.’
      • ‘It's a seller's market now and there are tremendous opportunities out there.’
      • ‘All the sellers are going to say this is a seller's market.’
      • ‘Unlike some major urban areas, like San Francisco and the nearby Silicon Valley, where housing prices flattened or turned down during the past two years, the second-home niche has become a seller's market.’