• 1Self-pollinate; self-fertilize.

    ‘the flowers never open and pollination is normally by selfing’
    • ‘Although not in a significant proportion, seeds produced by selfing often show a bimodal weight distribution, with about one-quarter of seeds lighter than others (data not shown).’
    • ‘Inflorescences of flowering plants were selfed and isolated with bags.’
    • ‘Flowers of all species under study were selfed to determine the time taken by pollen tubes to reach the ovules.’
    • ‘Accessions generally consist of seed multiplied by selfing a single initial wild-collected individual.’
    1. 1.1usually as adjective selfedGenetics Cause (an animal or plant) to breed with or fertilize one of the same hybrid origin or strain.
      ‘progeny were derived from selfed crosses’
      • ‘These 648 plants, representing selfed progenies of irradiated maize chromosome 9 monosomic addition line plants, were screened for the presence or absence of maize DNA.’
      • ‘The hybrid plants, used as the female parents, were back-crossed with H. polyrhizus and S. megalanthus, crossed with the diploid H. undatus, or selfed.’
      • ‘In order to study the inheritance of cytomixis, the cytomictic plants were selfed and crossed as both male and female parents with one of the five control plants under controlled conditions.’
      • ‘A resulting triple-heterozygous resistant-susceptible plant, i.e., a heterozygous plant at the three resistance loci, was isolated and selfed to produce the 27 expected genotypes described in Table 1.’
      • ‘From each of the heterozygotes for nonlethal chromosomes, 40 selfed progeny were obtained.’