Definition of self-storage in US English:



  • A system whereby individuals rent containers or units of space within a large warehouse to store possessions.

    • ‘He will tell you, in fact, that he wound up building self-storage units for those same reasons.’
    • ‘Somewhere in your garage, attic, basement, shed or rented self-storage space, treasures abound.’
    • ‘According to the UK Self Storage Association, the self-storage sector is worth about 200 million to the UK economy.’
    • ‘Pods delivers self-storage units to a customer's location.’
    • ‘The facility is aimed at people with storage needs in the commercial, document and residential self-storage market.’
    • ‘Police have seized half a ton of ammonium nitrate fertiliser, in a self-storage warehouse near Heathrow Airport.’
    • ‘I'd need to get a self-storage locker if I accepted unsolicited books (sound familiar?)’
    • ‘Safestore, which currently has 70 storage facilities in the UK, says self-storage is now a major factor in the UK housing market.’
    • ‘Then she heard about a couple who, after losing their rental home, moved into a Southold self-storage facility along with their furniture.’
    • ‘Instead, figuring that there would be plenty of competition, Jernigan founded a self-storage company.’
    • ‘We have recovered more than half a tonne of ammonium nitrate fertiliser from a self-storage facility in Boston Road, Hanwell, West London.’
    • ‘The self-storage industry is bigger than the motion - picture industry.’
    • ‘Presumably it's great if your own shares in self-storage or industrial units, or you have property as a liquid asset.’
    • ‘One of the city's most prolific developers of self-storage and retail complexes continues to branch out.’
    • ‘He and his son, Tracy, wanted to go into the self-storage business.’
    • ‘I kept asking them if they wanted to look into another type of business, but they said no, they'd stick with self-storage.’
    • ‘I kept this up all the way to my self-storage unit, some five or six miles off.’
    • ‘Demme yields shocking imagery from seemingly innocuous props like night-vision goggles and a self-storage container.’
    • ‘This project by Maverick Real Estate Corporation will be a 20-storey condominium tower on the site of a self-storage facility - not a great loss to the avenue.’
    • ‘The company delivers self-storage units to a customer's location.’