Definition of self-ruling in US English:



  • (of a country or region) having the freedom to govern itself or control its own affairs.

    ‘a self-ruling island’
    • ‘The executive committee has been incorporated into the working committee in a bid to speed up the process of the tribe regaining its self-ruling status.’
    • ‘Provinces will be permitted to band together to form self-ruling regions if a third of provincial legislators request it and the move is backed by local referendums.’
    • ‘They should coincide with, i.e. cover the same people as, political communities and they should be self-ruling.’
    • ‘As a free, self-ruling democratic people, it is not only our right but our responsibility to vigorously and openly debate the issues.’
    • ‘A group of squatters overtook an abandoned army base and created a self-ruling micro-nation in the heart of Copenhagen.’
    • ‘Part of the jaw-dropping documentary was filmed in breathtaking Greenland - the largest island in the world, and a self-ruling overseas territory of Denmark.’
    • ‘It has been self-ruling since a 2005 peace deal but the former rebels have struggled to create efficient institutions and tackle rampant corruption.’
    • ‘As in the restive south and east of Afghanistan, the agencies are populated by self-ruling Pashtun tribes for whom war has been a way of life for centuries.’
    • ‘Dutch New Guinea, now West Papua, was briefly self-ruling from December 1, 1961 until December 18, 1961, when Indonesia invaded and evantually annexed it.’