Definition of self-righteously in US English:



  • See self-righteous

    • ‘In fact, maybe if you've been self-righteously indignant on both sides of an issue, you should conclude that it's not an issue about which self-righteous indignation is called for.’
    • ‘I found someone who didn't already know about the article and the tumult it had aroused and testified self-righteously for a quarter of an hour.’
    • ‘This species can be identified on the first day of class as the person who, five minutes into the start of the class, self-righteously points out the flaws in the professor's marking scheme.’
    • ‘It's a tradition for me to arrogantly and self-righteously offer New Year's resolutions for assorted public figures.’
    • ‘What is the tactic you would employ, all you justice experts who so self-righteously decry the killing of an innocent man?’



/ˌself ˈrīCHəslē/