Definition of self-report in US English:



[with object]
  • Provide details about (one's circumstances, typically one's medical or psychological condition)

    ‘35% of participants self-reported a history of asthma’
    • ‘This self report was corroborated by cotinine concentration in residual routine blood or saliva samples.’
    • ‘Personality traits were measured using the 1 5 Factor Questionnaire Plus, a self-report personality assessment.’
    • ‘At pretest, we assessed health-related behavior with self-report questionnaires.’
    • ‘Surveys of adolescent behavior often rely upon single-item, self-report measures.’
    • ‘Participants in Study 2 also completed a self-report measure of self-construal.’
    • ‘The UK census in 2001 included two measures of self reported health.’
    • ‘This self-report scale was developed to reflect situational or "state" anxiety in children during hospitalization for elective surgery.’
    • ‘A structured programme for asthma education led by peers can lead to an improvement in self reported quality of life in adolescents with asthma.’
    • ‘A self-report measure was used that consisted of 19 personal consequences of substance abuse.’
    • ‘There was no content concerning research on the effects or effectiveness of drug testing or the accuracy of self-report surveys of drug use.’
    • ‘We conclude that self report measures of intensity of drug use are not significantly related to rearrest.’
    • ‘The probable result of the insensitivity of TLC is an overestimation of the validity of self reported drug use.’
    • ‘In the present study, one-year abstinence was determined by collateral contacts in addition to self-report.’
    • ‘In comparison to the accuracy of selfreport measures of most human behaviors, the accuracy of self-report responses of "sensitive" behaviors is more uncertain.’
    • ‘This self-report scale, used extensively in research on depression in adults, consists of 21 symptoms.’
    • ‘The Fresno test assesses performance of each component of evidence based practice, rather than relying on self report.’
    • ‘These data comprise self reported coding for ethnicity, for which local coverage is thorough.’
    • ‘They also attained higher scores for self reported behaviour change.’
    • ‘An important issue concerns the validity of self reported data.’
    • ‘A greater limitation is the misclassification of self reported birth weight, weight, or height, which may have caused some bias towards the null.’