Definition of self-punishment in English:



  • The inflicting of punishment on oneself.

    ‘she was unable to break her cycle of self-punishment’
    • ‘Suppressed aggression toward others became self-directed aggression and self-punishment.’
    • ‘Self-punishment is abated by observing other members modeling appropriate emotional responses to various experiences.’
    • ‘The austerity is admirable but the effect of this hair-shirted self-punishment is too often not the revelation of a new affective range, but a dutiful boredom.’
    • ‘You would think that the hero blinding himself in self-punishment would be the low point of tragedy, but the story just gets bleaker.’
    • ‘These forms of self-punishment, known as "mortification of the flesh," have been around for ages and are certainly not unique to Opus Dei.’
    • ‘The artist alternates between self-punishment and the exercise of power.’
    • ‘What buried secrets could possibly prompt this severe a self-punishment?’
    • ‘What looks like self-indulgence is actually self-punishment.’
    • ‘Self-mutilation has to do with self-punishment.’
    • ‘Pride, one might say, is the sin of humble people and humility is the punishment of proud people; and each reversal represents a kind of self-punishment.’
    • ‘The need for self-punishment may need to be worked through in therapy.’
    • ‘This is not self-punishment and has nothing to do with guilt or innocence.’
    • ‘It takes a lot of determined willpower to reset your mind to think more about self-nurturing and kindness than self-punishment and guilt.’
    • ‘We learn a lot about Sophie in that passage, about her rejection of her mother and about her tendency towards self-punishment and inflicting pain on herself.’
    • ‘Elizabeth wandered the lane after having read Mr. Darcy's letter twice through, but again she returned to it, unable to refrain from self-punishment.’
    atonement, expiation, self-mortification, self-abasement, reparation, amends, penalty, punishment
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