Definition of self-publish in English:



  • 1(of a writer) publish (a piece of one's work) independently and at one's own expense.

    ‘eighteen months ago, he was an unknown writer who self-published his book with a minuscule print run of 20’
    • ‘I have a self-published book of poetry and short stories.’
    • ‘The artist had created about 80 of his self-published 'hobby' prints between 1955 and 1965.’
    • ‘In 1998, he self-published the Official Catalog of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali.’
    • ‘Over a ten-year period Micheaux wrote and self-published ten novels.’
    • ‘It would be far cheaper, she says, to self-publish.’
    • ‘He even collects and self-publishes some of these pieces.’
    • ‘The subtitle of her self-published manifesto was The Truth.’
    • ‘But after she sent thirty query letters and got thirty rejections back, she decided to self-publish.’
    • ‘The Battle of Algiers is a primer of sorts, the motion picture equivalent of an agitator's self-published pamphlet.’
    • ‘I'm getting asked a lot why I chose to self-publish.’
    • ‘"American Splendor" started in 1976 as a self-published autobiographical comic book that chronicled the author's living and working in Cleveland.’
    • ‘If you are going to self-publish, you will have to do the selling and promotion yourself.’
    • ‘He says once he decided to self-publish his biggest challenge was finding the right printer.’
    • ‘Gallant has dedicated an entire book to images of his montages and the techniques behind them, which he has self-published and financed.’
    • ‘His self-published first edition attracted the attention of Dowling, which published an expanded version and is encouraging Goodman to begin work on a third edition.’
    • ‘His first self-published, semi-autobiographical novel, "The Homesteader," appeared in 1913.’
    • ‘Later he self-published his prints.’
    • ‘Recent advances in publishing technology have allowed more artists to self-publish their own work.’
    • ‘I like her book a lot, I think it's self-published.’
    • ‘But we're self-publishing, so there's no marketing team trying to force this out the door half-finished and full of bugs.’
    1. 1.1as adjective self-published (of a writer) having published their work independently and at their own expense.
      ‘a self-published author’
      • ‘A self-published artist who now lives in Boston, Khomsky said he is excited about coming to New York.’
      • ‘During one hot summer in 1934, a love affair transformed a scrappy band of self-published poets into the biggest literary celebrities in the country.’
      • ‘"I want to build a platform for self-published authors where they realize that books can be sold and profits can be made without the assistance of mainstream publishers," Thompson explained.’
      • ‘The fact that several self-published writers have sold well and gone on to sign up with big publishers has helped.’
      • ‘I am a self-published author who has published three books.’
      • ‘The challenge facing most self-published authors is in balancing the business demands of a publisher with the creative drive that's in each author.’
      • ‘Works by renowned writers of the Harlem Renaissance were shelved alongside little known, self-published authors.’
      • ‘From self-published, self-taught artists like Max Gould, who believe digital art will render traditional methods of creation obsolete, to museum curators who refuse to add it to their collections, no one is without an opinion.’
      • ‘According to the panelists, though, they like it even better if you're already self-published.’
      • ‘A perfect example of this recently happened in the "blogosphere," the loosely connected Web of self-published diarists.’
      • ‘The most endearing of the Book Fair were the 70-odd self-published authors with their books displayed on small tables, selling briskly.’
      • ‘Originally a top-selling, self-published artist, Warner wanted to leave his longtime base in Florida for his family farm in Michigan to enjoy a more peaceful life.’
      • ‘Today's self-published writers aren't waiting for editors in mainstream houses to approve their manuscripts, understand their messages or recognize the market that is satisfied by their work.’
      • ‘So being self-published can make a lot of sense.’
      • ‘But I am just as proud of the first-time authors and self-published writers we were able to introduce to our readers, a number of whom later became well known.’
      • ‘Oh, by the way, I'm no longer a solely self-published critic.’
      • ‘The hard slog for self-published cartoonists usually begins at a comic jam or convention, where you push your latest product to fellow artists, or by trying to impress the wigs at publishing houses like Top Shelf or Drawn & Quarterly.’
      • ‘As hundreds of successful self-published authors can attest, there's a case to be made for paying to have your book printed, whether you are adding to your marketing quiver or trying to increase company revenues.’
      • ‘You are suffering from a problem many self-published writers sometimes experience.’