Definition of self-publicist in US English:



  • A person who publicly promotes themselves or their accomplishments.

    ‘a charismatic figure—albeit something of a self-publicist’
    • ‘A superb self-publicist, he was never one to let truth get in the way of a good story.’
    • ‘Stott, an ardent self-publicist, regularly appears on radio and television.’
    • ‘There seems to be this misconception that she's a rampant self-publicist: the evidence I've encountered suggests precisely the opposite.’
    • ‘Despite his professional and personal attributes, and his abilities as a self-publicist, his ambitions within the church were ultimately frustrated.’
    • ‘He described the English-born journalist as a self-publicist who enjoyed the limelight and was violent towards women.’
    • ‘He has also been accused of being a shameless self-publicist, boring, inarticulate and lucky.’
    • ‘Mr Alexander is a well-known self-publicist in the economic area.’
    • ‘Like many vainglorious self-publicists, he probably thought he could charm the acid interviewer.’
    • ‘The self-publicist par excellence is at work, and very much in the mood to talk about business.’
    • ‘He was a brilliant self-publicist; an arch-manipulator who took such care in the way he was portrayed that he wrote himself into a legend far greater than his reality.’
    • ‘His political career after 1945 was at best lacklustre, at worst woeful, but his achievements as a self-publicist were brilliant.’
    • ‘A shameless self-publicist, he has the knack of delivering perfectly formed soundbites to a grateful media.’
    • ‘In spite of Hamilton's failings as a self-publicist, his work eventually received the recognition it deserved.’
    • ‘Some media moguls are self-publicists on a grand scale, but other moguls seek to minimize publicity, seldom give interviews and avoid photographers.’
    • ‘They are relentless self-publicists and thrive on confrontation.’
    • ‘He appeared modest for a moment, but then the twinkle-eyed look of a shameless self-publicist became noticeable.’
    exhibitionist, extrovert, poser, poseur, poseuse, peacock, swaggerer, egotist, bragger, braggart, boaster
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