Definition of self-protection in English:



  • Protection of oneself or itself.

    • ‘The people affected by Britain's ever-tighter gun controls are the citizenry, denied access to firearms for leisure or self-protection.’
    • ‘I believe that we have an inner sense of self-protection and a fierce protectiveness for our children.’
    • ‘In short, the male antelope underscores the importance of self-protection, and his spiky mane evokes defense of the sort a porcupine might offer.’
    • ‘On the contrary, for the further development of charitable causes, both individuals and organizations need to strengthen self-protection.’
    • ‘Obesity shows a desire for self-protection and a defence against anxiety and feelings of guilt.’
    • ‘The second project will provide electronic warfare self-protection for a range of tactical ADF aircraft at a cost of over $250 million.’
    • ‘People have been looking after each other, locked in mutual embraces of self-interest and self-protection.’
    • ‘As a measure of self-protection for itself and as a service to taxpayers, a system of clearer, more intelligent, relevant benchmarks should be implemented.’
    • ‘The course also covers basic self-protection.’
    • ‘United Airlines also said it was starting a special training programme for flight attendants, aimed at both self-protection and assisting passengers.’
    • ‘If you wish to claim world leadership - which we do - you have to be willing to use your strength for something other than self-protection.’
    • ‘Its message is not only protection of kin but self-protection.’
    • ‘It is here that government is most likely to be acting on the basis of illegitimate considerations such as self-protection, or protection of powerful private groups.’
    • ‘Citizens still need take self-protection against SARS.’
    • ‘Still, I'll take libertarianism any way I can get it, and if it comes from people's desire for self-protection, that's not bad.’
    • ‘The applicants have been turned down because the owners failed to provide sufficient motivation as to why they need a firearm for self-protection.’
    • ‘Industry sources also said part of the problem lies in the fact that local residents still lack knowledge in the insurance industry and, thus, are not able to do much in terms of self-protection.’
    • ‘It could be his last and only means of self-protection.’
    • ‘Over-preoccupation with self-protection will mean lower efficiency.’
    • ‘This allows individuals to make informed choices to provide self-protection and resiliency in living their lives.’



/ˈˌself prəˈtekSHən/