Definition of self-propagating in US English:



  • (especially of a plant) able to propagate itself.

    • ‘The self-propagating, rapidly spreading worms targeted Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems, causing debilitating network surges and crashing some machines.’
    • ‘Still, some of the most interesting, fundamental, and controversial questions about European integration concern how durable, expansive, and self-propagating the EU's policy process really is.’
    • ‘They chose ornamental plants that were self-propagating, along with annuals that were generally self-seeding.’
    • ‘Worms, which are self-propagating viruses, can also carry spyware.’
    • ‘Exploits have evolved from the passive, slow-propagating file and macro viruses of the early 90s to more active, self-propagating email worms and hybrid threats that can take only a few days or hours to spread.’
    • ‘A worm is a self-propagating agent that goes from computer to computer without user intervention.’
    • ‘An improved reactive foil is preferably a freestanding multilayered foil structure made up of alternating layers selected from materials that will react with one another in an exothermic and self-propagating reaction.’
    • ‘We have witnessed the negative impact and nuisance of automated, self-propagating computer intrusions that promote widespread compromise and seriously complicate remediation efforts.’
    • ‘A self-propagating thing, the ego is that bundle of nervous energy which strives to maintain the thoughts which it needs to identify itself.’
    • ‘Essentially, in this self-propagating cycle, people work for advertisers to buy the products that are being advertised.’
    • ‘There, the molecules began the complex series of reactions that eventually lead to self-propagating chemical sequences that eventually became replicating life forms.’
    • ‘In more specific terms, a meme is a self-propagating unit of cultural evolution, analogous to the gene (the unit of genetics).’