Definition of self-possessed in US English:



  • Calm, confident, and in control of one's feelings; composed.

    • ‘It's easy to imagine why the land-lady's self-possessed daughter wouldn't fall for him and why her lonely, schoolteaching mother might.’
    • ‘Bureaucrats sufficiently self-possessed to speak in that kind of unequivocal language are few and far between.’
    • ‘The kind of self-possessed girls we've met through doing this come in and think nothing of modelling some Clinique foundation.’
    • ‘Critics called him mercenary and his unhurried, self-possessed manner could make him unfathomable.’
    • ‘His hair is carefully styled and he dresses with a self-possessed style, but there is something eternally boyish to him.’
    • ‘What is missing from all of this is the notion of the self-possessed individual who can cope with the vagaries of life and can rightfully demand that the state stops interfering in his or her life.’
    • ‘She was very self-possessed and very confident.’
    • ‘Now I think I watch because I like the off-beat performers and the fact that all those people on the screen, however effectual or self-possessed they may be, may actually be doing something to help other human beings.’
    • ‘He comes across as self-possessed and confident.’
    • ‘These mostly young men were a self-possessed and supremely self-confident group, all residing at the apex of wealth and literacy.’
    • ‘Charlie often longed to have the same composure as Cherri, to be as self-possessed as she made herself out to be.’
    • ‘While emphasizing her innocence, the newspapers could not help noticing that ‘the little mite’ seemed self-possessed and confident, and much more mature than the older Clara.’
    • ‘That is an extremely sophisticated woman looking the portrait painter directly in the eye and the expression on her face is extremely strong and self-possessed.’
    • ‘They are clearly self-possessed, economically focussed and with no inhibitions when it comes to marketing or selling themselves as products or brands.’
    • ‘She appears similarly self-possessed, both complicit and aloof, but always as someone else.’
    • ‘The children, in contrast, are curiously poised and self-possessed (or perhaps possessed, period).’
    • ‘They are incredibly self-possessed, even in the middle of the adolescent storm.’
    • ‘Self-obsessed and self-possessed, you are a strong woman with a social conscience, who centers her life around her art.’
    • ‘He is, in fact, a fusion of his former angry young mushroom-munching rebel and an urbane, self-possessed CEO.’
    • ‘What I do envy, self-possessed control freak that I am, is other people's ability to lose themselves in unfettered delight.’
    assured, self-assured, calm, cool, cool, calm, and collected, composed, at ease, tranquil, serene, unperturbed, unruffled, impassive, nonchalant, confident, self-confident, sure of oneself, poised, dignified, equable, imperturbable, suave, urbane, elegant
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/ˈˌself pəˈzest//ˈˌsɛlf pəˈzɛst/