Definition of self-perpetuating in US English:



  • Perpetuating itself or oneself without external agency or intervention.

    ‘the self-perpetuating power of the bureaucracy’
    • ‘Needless to say, these grant writers are most often paid with grant money, bringing the system ever closer to becoming a self-perpetuating circularity.’
    • ‘After a while, the whole process operates as though on auto-pilot, self-serving and self-perpetuating.’
    • ‘You choose to be in that position, because you have always put self-perpetuating defeatism ahead of moral integrity and political courage.’
    • ‘Government agencies, even those purportedly dedicated to making money, are inherently inefficient and self-perpetuating.’
    • ‘Since the show attracts entries that mimic previous winners, the contest reconstitutes itself each year in the same self-perpetuating form.’
    • ‘This state power is an ever-present self-perpetuating body over and above society.’
    • ‘A perfect example of the unique situations that occur in such small and self-perpetuating populations happened one evening at a party.’
    • ‘This very process would be brought up by said media at every opportunity as a self-perpetuating prophecy, ad nauseam.’
    • ‘I've assumed he privileges literature, and that his affection for it over philosophy is self-perpetuating, but where does it originate?’
    • ‘Meanwhile at the top, those wonderful universities that pay such fantastic salaries to their academics, are producing a new class of rich who are becoming self-perpetuating.’
    • ‘Once those enormous sums of money are in circulation, businesses and therefore employment become self-perpetuating.’
    • ‘It's a self-perpetuating ritual without a cause.’
    • ‘The desire to regulate becomes self-perpetuating, because bureaucrats who are not seeking to introduce further controls are clearly not doing their job.’
    • ‘Vast quantities of gold, diamonds and other minerals have been stolen by protagonists of this war, which as a result has become self-perpetuating.’
    • ‘To the cynical among us, business meetings tend to generate more business meetings in that self-perpetuating manner that is the hallmark of bureaucracy.’
    • ‘She says women suffer from self-perpetuating fears.’
    • ‘The whole process has become self-perpetuating.’
    • ‘These getting-with-the-times projects tend to span across enough years to make themselves self-perpetuating.’
    • ‘They are self-perpetuating power centers of our colleges and universities.’
    • ‘We are familiar to distraction with the self-perpetuating logic of capitalist institutions, because this logic is the means and end of our cultural products.’



/ˈˌsɛlf pərˈpɛtʃəˌweɪdɪŋ//ˈˌself pərˈpeCHəˌwādiNG/