Definition of self-murder in US English:



  • Suicide.

    • ‘The act of self-stabbing implies an unsurpassable hopelessness coupled with ferocity; it is the quintessential self-murder.’
    • ‘In fact, the word ' suicide ' replaced ' self-murder ' only in the eighteenth century.’
    • ‘I would also confront many stereotypes about suicide, a word that means self-murder, an act that some religious faiths once equated with eternal banishment from heaven.’
    • ‘Religion and other ideological apparati do help facilitate self-murder and the murder of others, but as a motivational cause they seem to be inadequate on their own.’
    • ‘Even if people think that the Iraq war has made Britain a bigger target, they are still confronted with a fascistic cult of murder and self-murder which allows no compromise.’
    • ‘It was not just an act of sin, it was an act of murder, of self-murder, according to early Christianity.’
    • ‘Suicide, or self-murder, is never the only option and certainly never the right option for anyone, anywhere at any time.’
    • ‘This is a form of what is called felos-de-se (a senseless or purposeful act of self-murder).’
    • ‘Suicidal Terror's only possible victory lies in the pointless self-murder of its last happy martyr.’
    • ‘I support self-ownership, and hence oppose coerced euthanasia or delegated self-murder.’
    • ‘Instead, circumlocutions such as "self-murder," " self-killing, "and" self-slaughter " take its place.’
    • ‘But I also know that reporters and newspapers must take great care when covering stories about self-murder.’
    • ‘During the high Middle Ages, civil legislation against self-murder was enacted in the majority of Western European states.’
    • ‘By inference, suicide was an extreme case of this, and the language barely distinguishes between self-murder and murder of kindred.’
    • ‘If I had paid this visit, as I might have done, a week sooner, loving Lucie would have confided in me, and I would have prevented that self-murder.’