Definition of self-justifying in English:



  • See self-justification

    • ‘This is a warning for Australia, where half of the electorate cannot see the incompatibility of fostering a self-justifying individualism and populist fraternity at the same time.’
    • ‘There is a way for you to wash off this terrible stain from your church and lives, but it doesn't lie through self-justifying behaviour, or by following the instructions of the lawyers who, unfortunately, run your church.’
    • ‘Such is the peculiarity of America, to have liberalism as its orthodoxy and not radicalism, as in Europe, while retaining the self-justifying fervour of a dissenting religious Utopia.’
    • ‘It is a self-justifying hatred of freedom, an all-consuming intolerance of diversity and a merciless abandonment of human values.’
    • ‘Within weeks, the debate on terrorism and global conflict has been reduced to a mumbo-jumbo of self-justifying mantras and instant axioms.’