Definition of self-involved in US English:



  • Wrapped up in oneself or one's own thoughts.

    • ‘It is surprising when the self-involved members of this family are drawn together by their concern for their mother when her health falters as a result of cosmetic surgery.’
    • ‘I dreamt I'd got so self-involved that my friends decided to teach me a lesson and I had to barricade myself into my house.’
    • ‘We'll get back to the usual self-involved fluff tomorrow.’
    • ‘The world of the vital has escaped our fiction, to be replaced by the world of the trivial and self-involved.’
    • ‘‘I was,’ I said, ‘but he turned out to be a self-involved jerk and broke up with me.’’
    • ‘A self-involved or pessimistic man is especially bad.’
    • ‘He's a self-involved narcissist who cares only about whether he's on a coin or not.’
    • ‘The writer's protagonists dramatize this possibility: they are self-involved, troubled dreamers wielding therapeutic scalpels on themselves.’
    • ‘Just to show how garish, intrusive, and self-involved advertisers can be, these corporate milk giants are actually trying to promote their promotion.’
    • ‘Worse still, it feels like a self-involved exercise - not a terrifically interesting one for the audience.’
    • ‘Many therapists have been told that they are more sensitive, intelligent and compassionate than the patient's callous, self-involved, demanding and critical spouse.’
    • ‘I must have been so self-involved to think that everyone was looking at me instead of enjoying themselves.’
    • ‘Most people are so focused on their careers these days and so self-involved.’
    • ‘Seriously, I am self-involved enough at this point to be quite sure that we are entertaining all those boats and all those people in the gardens.’
    • ‘He's horribly self-involved, yet he probably imagines that he's trying to save the world.’
    • ‘When everyone stops being so self-involved and realizes we are all in this together things may actually work out.’
    • ‘Sometimes I look at her when she is acting like a true pre-teen girl, whining and crying one minute and screaming in anger the next, dramatic and annoying and so self-involved it's scary.’
    • ‘If there was one thing everyday Americans didn't want to hear, it was self-involved celebrities trashing the president.’
    • ‘The film has a self-involved man returning to his rural family homestead after learning that his father has died.’
    • ‘He is a very self-involved, vain, voyeuristic, childlike, power-hungry but brilliant guy.’