Definition of self-inflicted in US English:



  • (of a wound or other harm) inflicted on oneself.

    ‘self-inflicted injuries’
    ‘stress and anxiety are often self-inflicted’
    • ‘I don't feel much sympathy, though - after all, it's largely a self-inflicted wound.’
    • ‘More than anything, a self-inflicted wound of this magnitude just leaves you speechless.’
    • ‘Officers detained the hysterical Finn, who had numerous self-inflicted wounds.’
    • ‘He suffered chronic depression and died in 1890 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound when he was 37.’
    • ‘He was released from a Sydney hospital this afternoon and his self-inflicted wounds are said to have been minor.’
    • ‘Perseverance in the face of adversity is always a welcome attribute, even if that adversity is sometimes self-inflicted.’
    • ‘It is important that self-inflicted injuries are responded to in a calm and respectful manner.’
    • ‘It might come as some small consolation to the Dubliner to learn that his self-inflicted wound is far from unique.’
    • ‘Adam's self-inflicted wounds and his attempts at escape revolve around the canals and the river.’
    • ‘He had suffered a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.’
    • ‘The greatest self-inflicted wound came, as such things often do, in the form of a huge opportunity: the compact disc.’
    • ‘It would have been truer to say that the lyricist died of self-inflicted wounds.’
    • ‘At least 75 percent of people suffer from various feet problems and most of these are self-inflicted.’
    • ‘Neither Europe nor the world could afford the self-inflicted wound of a rejection of the constitution.’
    • ‘However, he said he would not return a verdict of suicide and instead returned a verdict of self-inflicted death.’
    • ‘The difference is that one injury is self-inflicted while the other is forced on helpless victims.’
    • ‘Her early, self-inflicted death gave a tragic dimension to all that came before.’
    • ‘If the benefit to be gained by self-inflicted injury outweighs the harm done, then it is permitted.’
    • ‘He was later found dead inside the house from self-inflicted wounds.’
    • ‘It is believed that Stephen, who died from a self-inflicted knife wound, had a heated row with his mother at about 6pm.’



/ˈˌsɛlf ənˈflɪktɪd//ˈˌself ənˈfliktid/