Definition of self-identify in US English:



[no object]often self-identify as
  • Assign a particular characteristic or categorization to oneself; describe oneself as belonging to a particular category or group.

    ‘both candidates self-identify as Catholic’
    ‘1.6 percent of adults surveyed self-identifed as gay or lesbian’
    with object ‘it was illegal for contractors to request applicants to self-identify their disability status’
    ‘Watson is a self-identified feminist’
    • ‘The dilemma, of course, is that you can't say 'she' until someone self-identifies.’
    • ‘Who, exactly, would feel confident in questioning the claims of a self-identified victim of a hate crime?’
    • ‘The types of foods we typically self-identify as potentially addictive are processed "junk" foods high in fat, sugar and salt.’
    • ‘When you self-identify with one personality type, you're at risk of ignoring your body and brain's actual needs, and that's not useful for anyone.’
    • ‘After all, these people had self-identified as disagreeing with my views.’
    • ‘Beginning this fall, student will have the option to self-identify about their sexual orientation on all university admissions forms.’
    • ‘He is one of an estimated 3.4% of adults who self-identify as LGBT.’
    • ‘A self-identifying communist, he was invited to speak at a pacifist congress in Melbourne.’
    • ‘Many active and productive people self-identify as "lazy" because they spend free time relaxing.’
    • ‘The overwhelming majority of sports gamers - 93.3 percent - self-identify as sports fans.’
    • ‘All who self-identify as women are welcome to apply.’