Definition of self-identification in English:



  • The attribution of certain characteristics or qualities to oneself.

    ‘self-identification by the old person as sick or inadequate’
    • ‘ABC says that Republican self-identification is up 6% since their most recent survey, to 33%.’
    • ‘Each of these groups has been ridiculed as ‘geeks’ or ‘nerds’, and each has subverted those terms into proud self-identification.’
    • ‘Despite these different approaches, both films question Asian self-identification.’
    • ‘Questions concerning parent ethnicity and self-identification are not scored, but can be used for ethnic categorization.’
    • ‘These three writers can be viewed along a continuum of historical reckoning and self-identification, from complete self-negation and self-hatred, to a more holistic historical reckoning and ancestral identification.’
    • ‘A critic might object that my self-identification as a centrist will prevent me from empathizing with liberalism well enough to elaborate a compelling liberal approach to foreign affairs.’
    • ‘If you choose to meet offline at any point, your self-identification can lead to actual physical harm.’
    • ‘If race has diminished as a means of separating and segregating youth, by law, custom or self-identification, then perhaps together young people will turn their attention to the separations and conflicts of class barriers.’
    • ‘I suspect that self-identification will play the largest role in making the distinction, but we must also be vigilant for those who might maliciously misrepresent their politics in order to stay in one country or the other.’
    • ‘This is not a reliable method, since the inflammatory response is neither as immediate nor as extreme as in classic food allergy, making self-identification of offending foods difficult.’
    • ‘There are a number of factors that may keep men out of treatment, ranging from lack of self-identification to perceived stigma.’
    • ‘It is expedient to organize and conduct the work at this stage along three principal lines: self-identification, self-study, and self-evaluation.’
    • ‘In a number of cases, migrants do seek to become part of the host society and over a period of time their self-identification as immigrants fades, though they may retain an ethnic identity.’
    • ‘They averaged 20.58 years of age, and their ethnic self-identification was representative of the institution's student body.’
    • ‘The author's credibility to participants relies on their identification of her as ‘one of them’, a position reliant in turn on her self-identification with them.’
    • ‘Some people believe self-identification is the only reasonable method because it allows people to express their own racial identity.’
    • ‘Although my friends may simply have been scapegoating marginal individuals, I believe that the key to their response lay in the nature of their self-identification as a group.’
    • ‘Most of us rove in the middle range of self-identification, with an indulgent but generally people-friendly narcissism.’
    • ‘The way in which the artist portrays the bean eater reveals, on closer inspection, a high degree of artifice and perhaps even a degree of self-identification on the part of the artist himself.’
    • ‘The readers of journals of opinion constitute nongeographical communities, whose self-identification and links with people they have never met are no less real for that.’