Definition of self-government in US English:



  • 1Government of a country by its own people, especially after having been a colony.

    • ‘Officially, Puerto Rico became a U.S. commonwealth in 1952, when the island was granted limited self-government.’
    • ‘A former province of a state is being prepared for substantial autonomy and self-government.’
    • ‘He demanded responsible parliamentary government, local self-government and an independent judiciary.’
    • ‘Democratic self-government is not the most important thing in the world - but it's hardly chopped liver, either.’
    • ‘Freedom, democracy, security, solidarity, free enterprise and self-government are the main principles of the programme.’
    • ‘The purpose of their constitutions is to contract radically the sphere of self-government - of democratic politics.’
    • ‘Its claims are not incompatible with those of science, technology, and democratic self-government.’
    • ‘Their governments have very limited powers, and their people are too busy practicing self-government to worry about problems in other countries.’
    • ‘The final point to note about the elections is that democracy is meant to be about self-government.’
    • ‘It started well, but devolution quickly became an end in itself rather than a start of a process of democratisation and self-government.’
    • ‘It consisted of the landed gentlemen of NSW who assumed they would constitute the government when the colony acquired self-government.’
    • ‘In others, the push for self-government had more respectable democratic credentials.’
    • ‘In June 1964, Britain accepted proposals for democratic self-government in Botswana.’
    • ‘By disempowerment, the tribunal referred to the denigration and destruction of Maori autonomy, or self-government.’
    • ‘The key is not so much to reduce group representation in federal bodies as it is to balance group representation with self-government.’
    • ‘This vision of cooperative self-government often produced republicanism and even democracy comparable to classical Greek democracy.’
    • ‘That said, the problem still exists that self-government will not guarantee democracy or an openness that will take on board the wishes of ordinary people.’
    • ‘New Zealand finally emerged as an imperial power in its own right after gaining self-government from Britain at the turn of the century.’
    • ‘The colony gained internal self-government in 1964, becoming fully independent on 10 July 1973.’
    • ‘This power is realised directly through the organs of state power and local self-government.’
    independence, self-rule, home rule, self-legislation, self-determination, sovereignty, autonomy, non-alignment, freedom
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  • 2

    old-fashioned term for self-control
    • ‘The purposes of this extensive popular involvement in an enlarged domain of public life are at once greater self-government and self-realization.’



/sɛlf ˈɡəvər(n)mənt//self ˈɡəvər(n)mənt/