Definition of self-fertilization in US English:


(British self-fertilisation)


  • The fertilization of plants and some invertebrate animals by their own pollen or sperm rather than that of another individual.

    • ‘If so, is it autogamous (capable of self-fertilization in the absence of pollinators)?’
    • ‘Together, the three modes of geitonogamy make a much larger contribution to self-fertilization than autogamy.’
    • ‘Because self-incompatibility operates after pollination, it reduces geitonogamous self-fertilization but not geitonogamous pollination.’
    • ‘Consequently, the genetic structure of this species is likely to be shaped by rare outcrossing events among colonists, followed by generations of self-fertilization to produce recombinant inbred lineages.’
    • ‘Gametophytic self-incompatibility is a widespread mechanism in flowering plants that prevents self-fertilization and promotes out-crossing.’