Definition of self-evaluation in US English:



  • another term for self-assessment
    • ‘Teams typically put together a far-reaching, self-evaluation package after every three games, so by next week, every team will have had three self-evaluations.’
    • ‘She is not alone in just choosing to post some of her own photos, annotated with her self-evaluations.’
    • ‘While this shameless about-face allowed the defenders of neoliberal orthodoxy to avoid a critical self-evaluation, it also left them in search of new success stories.’
    • ‘Social comparison theory contends that basing self-evaluations of physical appearance on universalistic targets such as celebrities has negative implications for body-image.’
    • ‘When the videotaping is complete, students review their videotapes and complete a self-evaluation.’
    • ‘This suggests a third parallel to the eliminative self-evaluations and therapist evaluations noted.’
    • ‘As a final assessment, each student did a self-evaluation of his or her work.’
    • ‘Twenty-nine self-evaluations and 24 informant evaluations were selected to represent a variety of interviewer diagnoses.’
    • ‘My candid self-evaluation is that the strain and lack of spontaneity have been evident in the quality of my writing over the last few months.’
    • ‘An additional and related dimension of program function that deserves mention is the commitment of program leadership to engage in ongoing critical and reflective thinking and regular self-evaluations.’
    • ‘The self-evaluation assesses the student's progress in that chapter.’
    • ‘As I was driving home, I once again had a bit of a critical self-evaluation, and I came to a conclusion.’
    • ‘The negative self-evaluations and devaluation of the self that tend to accompany depressed mood are also central to definitions of shame.’
    • ‘The students assessed their own teaching and that of their peers in regard to lesson and curriculum issues, as well as a self-evaluation of the studio environment and personal attributes.’
    • ‘It requires combat pilots to do a self-evaluation of risk factors before each flight mission.’
    • ‘Individuals experiencing shame might feel a sense of worthlessness, incompetence, or a generalized feeling of contempt for themselves, thereby demonstrating a reflection of overly harsh self-evaluations.’
    • ‘Narrative evaluations, self-evaluations, peer visitation and review, and intensive focus-group interviews are more than adequate for monitoring classroom instruction.’
    • ‘Again, we predicted that the conditioned tones would shape participants' self-evaluations of their performance, and we anticipated that the effects would be most pronounced for women.’
    • ‘If you review employees in December, conduct your self-evaluation in June to limit the potential for intimidation.’
    • ‘What I mean is to present a balanced self-evaluation to the interviewer.’