Definition of self-deprecation in US English:



  • Modesty about or criticism of oneself.

    ‘an artist with a penchant for wry self-deprecation’
    • ‘His eye for detail, his re-creation of dialogue, his ironic tone, his self-deprecation, all serve a memoirist well.’
    • ‘The most important weapon in the arsenal of the satirist is a rifle made entirely of self-deprecation.’
    • ‘My self-deprecation was met with the expected false dissent.’
    • ‘He delivers certain lines with cutting self-deprecation, others with calculated softness.’
    • ‘I think this is a person to whom self-deprecation does not come easily.’
    • ‘He poked fun at his own career with endearing self-deprecation.’
    • ‘The wry Irishman breaks into a gentle smirk, conveying the whiff of arch self-deprecation.’
    • ‘In a recent self-examination of what makes me laugh, one of the key ingredients I came up with is self-deprecation.’
    • ‘Despite the occasional jab at reigniting the battle of the sexes, the unspoken theme of the evening seemed to be cheerful self-deprecation.’
    • ‘Neither my wife nor I are into self-deprecation or make any lame attempts to be self-effacing.’