Definition of self-deport in US English:



[no object]US
  • Return voluntarily to one’s home country from a country in which one has been living without legal authorization (chiefly used in the context of political debate concerning illegal immigration)

    ‘he suggested in primary debates that those here illegally would find conditions that would cause them to self-deport’
    • ‘Statistics show that for every illegal immigrant rounded up and forcefully deported, about a thousand self-deport.’
    • ‘She had similar frustrations that eventually forced her to self-deport.’
    • ‘In this year's Republican primaries, he said illegal immigrants should be encouraged to self-deport.’
    • ‘He said in one debate that undocumented workers should "self-deport" from the United States.’
    • ‘You should explain that to the farm owners in Alabama who cannot get their crops picked because all the Hispanics self-deported.’
    • ‘Three of the detainees self-deported last week and re-entered the U.S. with the other six in order to test the administration's policy on deported immigrants.’
    • ‘Such policies were supposed to restore law and order and push immigrants to self-deport.’
    • ‘What would happen to the economy if 11 million people were deported or self-deported?’
    • ‘Since when do we force our own citizens to self-deport.’
    • ‘Upon graduation, he decided to self-deport to Mexico and hope he could make a claim to return.’