Definition of self-deceit in US English:



  • ‘a true friend helps us to break through the barriers of self-deceit’
    another term for self-deception
    • ‘Undoubtedly, in some cases, this amounts to self-deceit and the telling of lies to others.’
    • ‘Yet among many military spokesmen, there was a wilful self-deceit about the effects of these chemicals.’
    • ‘They tilt at windmills and the hardships they endure are nothing more than the fruits of their own self-deceit.’
    • ‘The quest for precision can lead biographers to criticize the factual inconsistencies, exaggerations, falsehoods, or self-deceit often found in autobiographies.’
    • ‘Every armed conflict will merely exacerbate the condition of mutual misunderstanding and self-deceit.’
    • ‘This is a story of self-deceit on the grandest scale.’
    • ‘He has an eye for the compromises and self-deceits that can make us ‘either tyrant or traitor or prisoner’.’
    • ‘By the close of the story, it seems that the narrator has only begun to come to terms with the self-deceit he has practiced on himself.’
    • ‘Even non-believers must accept the human propensity to self-deceit, selfishness, and evil.’
    • ‘In these murky circumstances, filled with self-deceit and double standards, the corruption of language is inevitable.’