Definition of self-confidently in US English:



  • See self-confident

    • ‘Let's even put a grandfather clock ticking self-confidently against one wall.’
    • ‘Interestingly, although Bennett denies himself a major role in this original American artistic movement, he self-confidently elects himself to ‘the brotherhood of painters’.’
    • ‘In one sense, to see this beast lurking so self-confidently at the edge of human society seems completely surreal.’
    • ‘It takes time for a people to mature and to become self-confidently themselves, without begrudging others their own forms of identity.’
    • ‘As Ireland became a more self-confidently European nation, and less reliant on its overwhelming neighbour, its national identity became more relaxed vis-à-vis the UK.’



/ˈˌself ˈkänfəd(ə)ntlē/