Definition of self-assessment in US English:



  • Assessment or evaluation of oneself or one's actions and attitudes, in particular, of one's performance at a job or learning task considered in relation to an objective standard.

    • ‘You'll need to make that argument by drawing upon your current assessment of the work, your original self-assessments, your peer responses, and my responses.’
    • ‘In their self-assessments, the candidates also have the opportunity to record any untoward events and their impressions of the incident for future evaluation.’
    • ‘In addition, the students' self-assessments revealed how they perceived their mastery of the competencies the faculty had established as desirable outcomes.’
    • ‘Additionally, the contractor is invited and encouraged to submit self-assessments of performance for consideration by the review board during the formal evaluation process that occurs at the end of each evaluation period.’
    • ‘Chinese students who did not receive the U.S. students' self-assessments were uniformly critical and less friendly.’
    • ‘In his self-description, however, Augustine does not push away his past as we so often do in our own self-assessments.’
    • ‘For all their differences and ambiguities, empires have shared in common a will to power that should make us skeptical of their most optimistic self-assessments.’
    • ‘Humility convinces us to be careful about our self-assessments.’
    • ‘The self-assessments will help hospitals evaluate their medication safety systems and identify areas for improvement.’
    • ‘The self-assessments are double-checked by supervisors.’
    • ‘After a few years of operating with these expectations in view, departments would undertake self-assessments of their contributions and submit the results to their various deans.’
    • ‘The following results, therefore, are based on one-time self-assessments.’
    • ‘In the next set of analyses, we explored whether teachers who differed in the amount of knowledge they actually possessed also differed in their self-assessments.’
    • ‘Without knowledge of the subjects' self-assessments, raters evaluated the subjects on the basis of their childhood memories.’
    • ‘For example, one of Carson's self-assessments was that he was always a very careful person.’
    • ‘Under the Council's voluntary standards, 492 plants have finished security self-assessments.’
    • ‘The pre-test and post-test consisted of both performance-based test tasks and self-assessments.’
    • ‘Interns were encouraged to complete self-assessments of their learning, document and evaluate progress, and document learning goals and plans for the following week.’
    • ‘According to patients' self-assessments, various levels of asthma severity were represented in the study group.’
    • ‘Less dependence upon self-assessments of computer expertise may have improved the analysis of that variable as well.’



/ˈˌself əˈsesmənt//ˈˌsɛlf əˈsɛsmənt/