Definition of self-assemble in US English:



  • See self-assembly

    • ‘The new ink Xerox has developed is based on a polythiophene semi-conductor, which self-assembles into ordered nano-particles that are stable even when dispersed in liquid.’
    • ‘In contrast to the SMBVs, however, the membrane of Lipobead self-assembles without any homogenization, probably by using the anchors as pinning centers.’
    • ‘In vitro, fibrinogen self-assembles into a cross-linked and branched semiflexible fibrin network upon activation by thrombin.’
    • ‘The detergent-solubilized protein is dispersed with lipid, typically monoolein, and in so doing the cubic phase self-assembles.’
    • ‘The fact that these liposomes change shape leads us to postulate that G-actin self-assembles inside of these disks.’