Definition of self-analysis in US English:



  • The analysis of oneself, in particular one's motives and character.

    ‘her obsession with introspection and self-analysis’
    • ‘After much self-analysis, I've realized that while I am enthusiastic, energetic, and adventurous, I have the tendency to lose interest on the job after a short time.’
    • ‘Have you recently done a bit more self-analysis, introspective digging around?’
    • ‘Do you guys worry about how far you can go with that kind of reflective self-analysis?’
    • ‘Whether you regard it as navel-gazing or self-analysis via the art of portraiture, the self-portrait can reveal far deeper aspects of the self than merely a replication of the face in the picture.’
    • ‘Adolescence is known to be a period of exploratory self-analysis and self-evaluation ideally culminating in the establishment of a cohesive and integrative sense of self or identity.’
    • ‘Does he, after all this reflection and self-analysis, feel that he knows himself well now?’
    • ‘He later recognized that self-analysis should be replaced by a training analysis conducted by another person.’
    • ‘In his personal correspondence and in his published memoirs, Franklin comes across as a man dedicated to the external duties of war and exploration, who kept introspection and self-analysis to a minimum.’
    • ‘I seriously would recommend a time of meditation or self-analysis at times (all these can be provided in a pilgrimage).’
    • ‘Perhaps the dominant self-analysis of U.S. foreign policy simply reflected a peculiar cultural tradition dating back to New England town meetings, and to the free-and-equal style of the frontier.’
    • ‘Introspective self-analysis would be a good start.’
    • ‘I'm not saying you shouldn't do it, but I think that sort of self-analysis completely misses the point.’
    • ‘A clear understanding of communication thus becomes an important step towards self-analysis, priorities, character and values of life.’
    • ‘The shallow existence of the four characters makes their self-analysis both boring and uninteresting.’
    • ‘Through introspective research and self-analysis we find self-acceptance and this leads us naturally towards one of the paths of inner peace.’
    • ‘If you find that you cannot get along with doctors, it is advised that you do some self-analysis to understand the reason.’
    • ‘We need to spot when self-analysis turns into rumination and gain skills for controlling it.’
    • ‘We've unfortunately had to drop some of our senior players as a result of this self-analysis, because they're not really genuine team players.’
    • ‘I tried to write it in a way that showed that it brought about a spot of introspection and self-analysis on my part.’
    • ‘Cash has been through so much therapy, counselling and self-analysis that he now doesn't have to think for one second about how he felt at a particular moment, what was going through his mind or why he did any particular thing.’
    brooding, soul-searching, heart-searching, introversion, self-observation, self-absorption
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/ˈˌself əˈnaləsəs//ˈˌsɛlf əˈnæləsəs/