Definition of self-aligning in US English:



  • (of a bearing or machine part) capable of aligning itself automatically.

    • ‘If the lens shape is concentric, or has weak cupping angles, it will be more costly to center since the self-aligning advantage of bell-clamping is reduced.’
    • ‘Once imprinted, the entire process is self-aligning and self-assembling.’
    • ‘Patented brazing techniques were combined with self-aligning parts to provide a completely sealed device.’
    • ‘So named because of its shape, it has a swivel head that makes the clamp self-aligning for odd-shaped pieces.’
    • ‘A multi-chip stack structure and method of fabrication are provided utilizing self-aligning electrical contact arrays.’
    • ‘The Revolution's structural components have been designed with self-aligning joints that reduce the need for jigs.’
    • ‘The forms are self-aligning, with no need for time-consuming locking and latching.’
    • ‘Antennas that are self-aligning, self-erecting, and difficult to detect facilitate the ability of the warfighter to execute his mission.’