Definition of self-advancement in US English:



  • The advancement or promotion of oneself or one's interests.

    ‘a positive step in women's self-advancement’
    • ‘His residual loyalty and sense of self-advancement prevailed, however, and, with Havelange's support, he defeated Johansson for the presidency in 1998.’
    • ‘Often, these people subsume their own needs into looking after others, so contravening perhaps the central tenet of modern life - self-advancement.’
    • ‘The stress the statement placed, however, on education, evening classes, and a library provided considerable opportunities for self-advancement and occupational betterment.’
    • ‘It's just that their beliefs are colored by their quest for self-advancement.’
    • ‘There is, however, no lack of interest in self-advancement and the utilitarian.’
    • ‘Whatever human life may have meant to her, it was never an obstacle to self-advancement.’
    • ‘I longed to leap out of my hospital bed and meet someone exactly like that, a person devoted exclusively to self-advancement.’
    • ‘Their achievements very often are really to do with self-advancement.’
    • ‘Social welfare systems were criticized by monetarists and conservatives as a hindrance to self-advancement.’
    • ‘Education, training, and opportunities for self-advancement - not to mention self-enrichment - made the army a major force in social mobility.’
    • ‘They tell us about the photography exhibitions they hold, and how members of the community are invited to talk to the ‘youth’ about how it can overcome obstacles to self-advancement.’
    • ‘His fiction celebrates the virtues and self-advancement of hard-working craftsmen, especially in the cloth trade, and has been much admired in modern times for its effective use of dialogue.’
    • ‘It's the same old geist of self-advancement and self-promotion that has always propelled everyone, victors and victims alike.’
    • ‘Within this climate, ambitious young professionals could find plenty of opportunities for promotion and self-advancement if they proved themselves dynamic and capable.’
    • ‘In his talk, he attempted to merge historical, literary and sociological perspectives on how a philosophy of self-advancement manifests itself in the marketplace.’
    • ‘Similar powers of self-advancement are required this season.’
    • ‘Others make waiting an art that they ply towards their projects of self-advancement.’
    • ‘They emphasized personal self-advancement and promotion.’
    • ‘In its worst it is tainted with material interests and such sordid things as money and self-advancement.’
    • ‘This is particularly true when the opportunities for self-advancement are relatively meager, and one's individual interests and prospects do not seem worth living for.’



/ˈˌself ədˈvansmənt/