Definition of self-adjusting in US English:



  • (chiefly of machinery) adjusting itself to meet varying requirements.

    ‘it has a self-adjusting power supply’
    • ‘The critical message of Keynes was that modern economies are not self-adjusting.’
    • ‘Using a self-adjusting and self-induced hold, it secures textiles of different thicknesses, weights and lengths.’
    • ‘Its levels are homeostatically maintained inside the living cell, where the self-adjusting mechanisms for maintaining GSH are numerous.’
    • ‘On the other hand, flexible exchange rates offer a self-adjusting mechanism to correct a balance of payments problem and boost a country s flagging competitiveness.’
    • ‘Economic profits and prudent lending were, in conjunction, self-adjusting mechanisms, not repealing the business cycle but at least suppressing boom and bust dynamics.’
    • ‘In addition, framers would have to adjust for the thickness of the boards they were using while today's models are self-adjusting.’
    • ‘The company's ThinkTop system can be used for all sanitary valves and features a wide range of interface modules, external signals, maintenance indication, and is self-adjusting.’
    • ‘In such a model, given some flexibility of prices and money wages, the self-adjusting mechanism would return the economy to full employment after a demand shock that was not too large.’
    • ‘The self-adjusting vest will position the protective plates about five centimeters from the torso, to reduce chest injuries or bruising in the event that the wearer is hit.’
    • ‘You can imagine why a dynamic, self-adjusting system cannot be governed by a static, unbending policy.’
    • ‘You can throw any notion of a self-adjusting and correcting system out the window.’
    • ‘To eat, an animal must place its neck near the collaring mechanism, which releases a flexible, self-adjusting collar similar to flea collars worn by cats and dogs.’
    • ‘The gas system is self-adjusting, utterly simple, reliable and easy to clean and maintain.’
    • ‘Quality magnetic catches feature a floating or self-adjusting action to ensure proper alignment and contact.’
    • ‘The Tru-Trak suspension system has automobile-style struts and self-adjusting rack-and-pinion steering.’
    • ‘The FX Series is an automatic self-cleaning, reversible, self-adjusting (in-motion variable-pitch), hydraulically activated fan system for heavy equipment.’



/ˈˌself əˈjəstiNG/