Definition of self-abandonment in US English:


(also self-abandon)


  • The action of completely surrendering oneself to a desire or impulse.

    • ‘This is definitely a great help in preventing people at the bottom of society from giving up hope and acting with self-abandonment.’
    • ‘Their attitude seems a mixture of self-abandonment tinged with free-as-a-bird indulgence.’
    • ‘How am I to find the naturalness, artlessness, utter self-abandonment of nature in the utmost artificiality of human works?’
    • ‘Within the female sphere of responsibility, feeling, sympathy and love, their aspirations were not for emotional self-abandon but for emotional self-discipline.’
    • ‘As far as prognoses of this sort go, in the last eighty years we intellectuals have become - quite independently of philosophical and political orientation - sceptical to the point of self-abandonment.’
    • ‘What impulse led to this act of reckless self-abandonment?’