Definition of seismologist in US English:



  • See seismology

    • ‘The assessment of specific earthquake hazards has involved seismologists, geologists, and earthquake engineers.’
    • ‘The Richter scale was developed by seismologist Charles Richter in the 1930s to bring consistent, objective criteria to evaluating the size of earthquakes.’
    • ‘These observations are consistent with what seismologists are learning about how the earthquake progressed, Haeussler said.’
    • ‘With more earthquakes, more and better seismographs recording quakes, and more comprehensive compilations of seismic data, seismologists are sharpening their view of the African plume.’
    • ‘Schwartz co-chaired a team of geologists, seismologists, and geophysicists that released a 2002 report concluding the Bay Area is due for a magnitude 6.7 or greater quake in about 30 years.’