Definition of seismographic in US English:



  • See seismograph

    • ‘The monitoring of seismic activity in Texas and studies of seismic risk are hampered by the small number of seismographic stations operating in the state.’
    • ‘Using forward simulation, one can match seismic simulation results with observed seismographic data.’
    • ‘Many amateurs acquire skills as lapidiaries, cutting, polishing and investigating specimens of all kinds, as photographers of landscape and geological phenomena, and even as builders of simple seismographic stations.’
    • ‘The most powerful method - seismology - is only possible for planets with seismographic stations, which have so far only been placed on the Earth and Moon.’
    • ‘We'll also be installing additional seismographic recorders that are going to allow us to capture some of the vital, time-sensitive information about the aftershock process that is now under way.’