Definition of seigneurial in US English:


(also seigniorial)


  • See seigneur

    • ‘Here in the Thirty Years War, the seigneurial system collapsed and serfs refused to perform labour services.’
    • ‘In Picardy where seigneurial dues were also minimal, seigneurs used their privileges to lease out logging rights in forests at a time when wood prices were skyrocketing.’
    • ‘The reward for his family was ennoblement and the right to exploit the canal as a fief with rights of seigneurial jurisdiction.’
    • ‘He calculates seventeenth-century crop yields, for instance, by drawing regressions on a Norman seigneurial grain levy.’
    • ‘Unlike the seigneurial courts, the jurisdiction of the leet did not belong to the lord by right but had to be granted to him by the king.’