Definition of seeded in US English:



  • 1in combination (of a plant or fruit) having a seed or seeds of a specified kind or number.

    ‘a single-seeded fruit’
    1. 1.1 (of land or an area of ground) having been sown with seed.
      ‘seeded lawns’
      • ‘If a flock of birds settles on your freshly seeded meadow area and begins to eat your seed, don't panic.’
      • ‘There are large gardens and seeded lawns at the front and rear of the houses.’
      • ‘A full-scale renovation is probably not a job for children, but re-seeding small areas can be fun for kids, and also will help you to convince them to stay off the newly seeded areas, giving the new grass a chance.’
      • ‘Spotted alfalfa aphids have been found in several newly seeded alfalfa fields in northeastern Nebraska.’
      • ‘Floating row covers should be placed over new transplants or newly seeded areas following planting to prevent insects from attacking emerging plants.’
      • ‘If outbreaks continue into late September, newly seeded alfalfa fields or winter wheat may be damaged.’
      • ‘Unless you've taken steps to eliminate or reduce weed seeds in the soil before planting, weeds may overrun a seeded lawn.’
      • ‘The playground would have to be closed while the work was done and the seeded area would be out of use for about 12 weeks.’
      • ‘Wildflower seed does not always germinate reliably and uniformly, and weedy plants can be a problem in newly seeded areas.’
    2. 1.2Heraldry (of a flower) having seeds of a specified tincture.
  • 2(of a fruit or vegetable) having had the seeds removed.

    ‘seeded, chopped tomatoes’
    • ‘You can make a watermelon smoothie by running some chilled, seeded melon cubes through a blender with a little water or lime juice.’
    • ‘For a spicier sauce add a teaspoon of Cajun spice or crushed hot pepper flakes, or add a chopped seeded jalapeño pepper.’
    • ‘Cut the tomatoes, the onion and the seeded peppers into thin slices.’
    • ‘I baked the halves of seeded kabocha squash for about an hour or so - it seemed to be a watery one, as it gave out a terrible amount of water as it baked, which I tried to drain thoroughly.’
    • ‘Eat only peeled, cooked and seeded fruits and vegetables.’
    • ‘I was happy with my choice of chopped seeded raisins, chopped dried apricots and sunflower seeds.’
  • 3Given the status of seed in a sports tournament.

    ‘Italy is one of the eight seeded teams’
    • ‘With no protection Liverpool are likely to face a seeded team in the third round of qualifiers, which could include Manchester United, Inter Milan or even Everton.’
    • ‘At the halfway stage of the group phase, the Champions League is mostly going in favour of the seeded teams, with the hardest tumbles possibly awaiting the two clubs in possession of European trophies.’
    • ‘The Reds are one of the seeded teams, although if they failed to beat any of the assembled sides it would rank with the most amazing football shocks in history.’
    • ‘What this did was massively penalize the Netherlands, bumping it out of the seeded teams and making it one of the sides nobody wanted to face.’
    • ‘He crept up the singles draw, away from limelight focussed on the seeded players, till the final when he became an object of curiosity.’
    • ‘To make the race more exciting for spectators, each of the top 10 seeded swimmers sported a different colored cap.’
    • ‘For a long time, they have been given a seeded status in the World Cup qualifiers.’
    • ‘After all, he'd had a pretty light load at this year's Open: He hadn't played any five-set matches, nor had he faced a seeded player until the semi-finals.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Burnley will again enjoy seeded status when the Carling Cup first round draw is made tomorrow morning.’
    • ‘For women, the order of the 32 seeded women will be determined by the Wimbledon seeding committee as in previous years.’
    • ‘Where low seeded teams get into trouble is when they over-analyze.’
    • ‘All 16 seeded players received byes into the second round.’
    • ‘When they lost they lost to better players, seeded players, but not without a fight.’
    • ‘Wimbledon doubled the number of seeded players this year to 32 men and 32 women, a change adopted by all four Grand Slam tournaments to protect star players from tough early match-ups.’
    • ‘France's world number two Amelie Mauresmo and fourth seeded Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova both survived scares to avoid joining a clutch of seeded players who were dumped out.’