Definition of seed potato in US English:

seed potato


  • A potato that is planted and used for the production of seeds.

    • ‘There appeared to be some improvement in 1847, but the acreage planted was very small and shortage was endemic, not least because many hungry people had eaten the seed potatoes which were normally planted.’
    • ‘In April 2000, Canada signed a trade agreement to become the only country allowed to import seed potatoes to China, the biggest consumer and importer of potatoes in the world, but the deal failed to generate any new trade.’
    • ‘Potatoes are a high-value specialty crop that makes raising seed potatoes a specialty within a specialty.’
    • ‘City officials were severely criticized for their lack of action against the food shortage and for failing to help the cultivators by providing seed potatoes.’
    • ‘After buying seed potatoes, cut them into generous segments with at least one eye each and let dry for a day or two before planting.’
    • ‘Potato Day is an annual event celebrating organic potatoes - with talks, cookery demonstrations, guided tours of the gardens and, of course, sales of seed potatoes.’
    • ‘You will, however, have to do some digging: once to plant the seed potatoes; once to earth them up to prevent the new tubers growing on the surface and becoming poisonously green; and once to lift the resultant crop.’
    • ‘In the past we had sufficiently hard winters to keep the aphids and their viruses in check long enough to produce disease-free seed potatoes and soft-fruit plants.’
    • ‘For instance, 1 pound of seed potatoes of a full-sized type produces 8 to 12 pounds of tubers.’
    • ‘In some cases they also supplied seed potatoes and coal to needy tenants and subscribed paltry sums to the local poor-relief fund.’
    • ‘It is primarily introduced by the planting of infected seed potato or by planting in ground after an outbreak has occurred where volunteer potatoes may still persist.’
    • ‘Catholic Irish who had qualms on this account dispelled them by sprinkling their seed potatoes with holy water and planting them on Good Friday.’
    • ‘Disappointment soon turned to excitement again as I realised the package contained our seed potatoes, shallots and onion sets.’
    • ‘Second, he attempted to conciliate nationalist opinion by policies of social interventionism, including the sale of land to tenant farmers on easy terms, and investment in light railways and seed potatoes.’
    • ‘For the past six weeks, I have had three deep seed trays sitting on a shelf in the greenhouse filled with seed potatoes.’
    • ‘Sprout seed potatoes before planting, by placing them in trays (eyes uppermost) in a cold greenhouse or frost-proof shed.’
    • ‘Potato plants are started from small tubers called seed potatoes.’
    • ‘They have all been grown from sixth-generation seed potatoes which have themselves been transported from their nursery fields, in the north of Scotland, to farms around Britain.’
    • ‘Different attachments can be used for a variety of vegetable starts, seed potatoes or large seeds like beans.’
    • ‘This meant that the seed potatoes had gone very scarce and those that were planted were anything but good.’


seed potato

/ˈsēd pəˌtādō/