Definition of see through in English:

see through

phrasal verb

  • Not be deceived by; detect the true nature of.

    ‘he can see through her lies and deceptions’
    • ‘Only by knowing his true nature was it possible to see through his gentlemanly veil.’
    • ‘It amazes me how they can obfuscate or even lie and believe people won't see through them.’
    • ‘At least the majority of people saw through their lies and believe the truth I was telling.’
    • ‘Hooray to our city council for seeing through the duplicity, but what about all the others who haven't?’
    • ‘If you're not comfortable doing something, people can always see through it.’
    • ‘Although the others see through him, and his lies, Kirk persists in keeping the pretence going.’
    • ‘Of course, the electorate are increasingly seeing through the lies and deceit of Labour.’
    • ‘He is not in the least impressed by him; and when you stop being afraid of Gordon you very quickly see through him.’
    • ‘They used every trick in the book to justify the unjustifiable and the people saw through their lies, half truths and dissimulations.’
    • ‘It's perfectly safe to have freedom of speech in Oxford, because we're smart enough to see through them.’
    not be deceived by, not be taken in by, be wise to, get the measure of, have the measure of, read like a book, fathom, penetrate, realize, understand
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