Definition of see stars in English:

see stars


  • See flashes of light, especially as a result of being hit on the head.

    • ‘Heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis promised thunder and lightning when he faced challenger Hasim Rahman for their title fight at Carnival City here yesterday morning, but instead he was the one who ended up seeing stars.’
    • ‘Mr. Crich testified that after the assault he was dazed and seeing stars as blood ran into his eyes and down the side of his face.’
    • ‘I was seeing stars by this stage, so I was pleased when time ran out and the lights on the court went out.’
    • ‘I looked at the person who bumped into me, wishing I could slam his head against one of the lockers (luckily for him, I was still seeing stars and thus couldn't focus).’
    • ‘What causes you to see stars after a hard blow to the head?’
    • ‘The challenger will have a big man's punching chance, but the likelihood is that Lewis will show his mean side, and that Klitschko will end up seeing stars.’
    • ‘If it is night and there is a sudden blackout, I won't get the usual experiences; if as I swivel the roof falls in and knocks me unconscious, I won't enjoy any experiences at all, except perhaps briefly seeing stars.’
    • ‘I was seeing stars, the pain was indescribable, so I won't go into any more detail.’
    • ‘‘I was seeing stars and trying to stem the blood coming from my head,’ he said.’
    • ‘He butted me quite intentionally and from there on in I was actually seeing stars a bit.’
    • ‘‘It was the only time he made me see stars,’ said Young afterwards.’
    • ‘No seat-belts then, of course; my head bounced off the windscreen and I saw stars briefly for the first time, and my knees jammed hard against the fascia, but no blood.’
    • ‘He and Jackie McNamara were booked for squaring up to each other on the halfway line, and the Canadian must have been seeing stars when Bobo Balde later clattered into him.’
    • ‘Admittedly the Irish fly-half was not clocked so badly that he saw stars, but the Hughenden crowd might just have witnessed one in the making.’
    • ‘The visual changes included seeing stars and bright lights, occasionally with accompanying nonspecific dizziness.’
    • ‘In 37 minutes a short free kick was played into the path of Jack Ross whose 20-yard thunderbolt left Stuart Taylor seeing stars.’
    • ‘She twisted her body to compensate as she was thrown and landed awkwardly on her chest, leaving her retching for breath and seeing stars.’
    • ‘Taking a running dive, I narrowly missed being hit by it, and instead found myself back on the grass, seeing stars as pain rushed through my battered body.’
    • ‘Most customers who walk into a mall to buy a PC come out seeing stars by the time they're out thanks to the overload of technical jargon that is thrown at them.’
    • ‘I teetered back, stunned for a second, seeing stars.’