Definition of seditious libel in US English:

seditious libel


  • 1A published statement which is seditious.

    1. 1.1 The action or crime of publishing a seditious statement.
      • ‘Gales' strong reformist views were clearly expressed in his paper - so much so that in 1794 he fled to America to avoid prosecution for seditious libel.’
      • ‘Another tactic of the government to silence criticism was to prosecute authors, printers and publishers for seditious libel, a common law crime.’
      • ‘Printers had to settle for prosecutions if they printed seditious libel, so they either played it safe or adopted pseudonyms and fake addresses.’
      • ‘Darling did not rest content with actions for criminal or seditious libel.’
      • ‘One of the posters, questioning the independence of the commissioners, resulted in the South Australian government laying archaic charges of criminal and seditious libel against the paper.’
      • ‘James had the bishops tried for seditious libel, but even his judges summed up against him and they were acquitted.’
      • ‘These varied from the trials and subsequent execution of radicals for treason, to trials for sedition and seditious libel.’
      • ‘He was released on bail in June and his trial for seditious libel began early the following month and was quickly over.’