Definition of security in English:



  • 1The state of being free from danger or threat.

    ‘the system is designed to provide maximum security against toxic spills’
    ‘job security’
    • ‘They would all have more cash to provide job security and job creation.’
    • ‘What are the recent scientific and technological developments that enhance aviation security?’
    • ‘As in London, the force's chiefs said they hoped to balance security against people's rights to protest peacefully.’
    • ‘Having a job did not necessarily guarantee economic security for African American workers and their families.’
    • ‘The only true security against nuclear dangers is an enforceable ban on all nuclear weapons.’
    • ‘They will give increased security of tenure for the tenants of agricultural holdings.’
    • ‘Colonialism is no longer seen as a threat to peace and security since there are no more empires left.’
    • ‘But it can make major strides to bolster the country's financial security.’
    • ‘With it, you can improve Internet security for remote workers.’
    • ‘If you can't budget effectively, you endanger your financial security by spending more than you earn.’
    • ‘A notch in the rear dovetail provides additional security against ring movement.’
    • ‘The US Food and Drug Administration announced rules today that will enhance the security of the US food supply.’
    • ‘The Green Revolution ensured food security at the macro level, but not completely at the household level.’
    • ‘Other costs include the introduction of bio security against bird flu.’
    • ‘Fallback resources provide security against errors in other setting mechanisms.’
    • ‘A new University of Queensland research project could lead to improved internal computer network security at banks and financial institutions.’
    • ‘State policy for ensuring information security during military conflicts has a prognostic, organizational and administrative function.’
    • ‘According to him however, Government has to guarantee security against international threats.’
    • ‘He has ensured security of tenure for those whom he has backed.’
    • ‘What should we be doing to ensure vaccine safety and security against external threats?’
    protection, defence, guard, shelter, screen, buffer, preventive, precaution, prophylactic, provision, safety measure, surety, cover, insurance, indemnity
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    1. 1.1 The safety of a state or organization against criminal activity such as terrorism, theft, or espionage.
      ‘a matter of national security’
      • ‘The National Party considers matters of national security to be of the highest importance.’
      • ‘There is no such thing as complete security against crime, or against terrorism.’
      • ‘So therefore, an educational system, based on reason, is a vital matter of national security.’
      • ‘Only in retrospect did we become aware how lax US airport security had become.’
      • ‘Dealing with national security is always a matter for the executive, and that is how it should be.’
      • ‘But the role of the Government is also to provide safety and security for its citizens.’
      • ‘Terrorism has long been included on the list of so-called new transnational threats to state security.’
      • ‘Wealth is therefore an instrument in the creation of national security and national welfare.’
      • ‘President Bush put terrorism and national security at the center of congressional races.’
      • ‘She complained about the country's lax security and lauded John Kerry for his defiance of the President.’
      • ‘Nicknamed the Jersey Girls, they became experts on national security and terrorism.’
      • ‘A second factor relates to reputedly lax physical security and accounting systems at many nuclear weapons enterprises.’
      • ‘What is the director of homeland security for, other than to announce threats to homeland security?’
      • ‘Our nation's security is not just the responsibility of the armed forces.’
      • ‘Tony Blair was warned six years ago that religious fanaticism would become a serious threat to UK security, it has been revealed.’
      • ‘One of the first matters is the need to assist aviation safety and security.’
      • ‘None of these three countries poses a real threat to United States security.’
      • ‘That ability made him not only a danger in the region but a threat to America's security.’
      • ‘The war was not justifiable on grounds of an immediate threat to US security.’
      • ‘How exactly does all this improve U.S. national security for the long haul?’
      safety, freedom from danger
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    2. 1.2 Procedures followed or measures taken to ensure the safety of a state or organization.
      ‘amid tight security the presidents met in the Colombian resort’
      • ‘You will have a virtual free rein to provide security as you see fit.’
      • ‘He has been campaigning for more than a year for tighter security at the site.’
      • ‘Smith landed at Manchester Airport just after midday amid tight security and a blizzard.’
      • ‘A huge team of people will ensure that the necessary security measures are in place.’
      • ‘A council will look at ways to fund extra security measures at cemeteries after 14 headstones were kicked over.’
      • ‘At Stansted, armed guards lined the access road to the terminal which was closed for five hours amid heightened security measures.’
      • ‘Indonesia's military and police are providing tight security for the team during its trip.’
      • ‘The Security Council gave new authority to Mr Mehlis, who returned on Monday to Lebanon amid tight security.’
      • ‘City institutions were just told to make sure that their existing checks and security procedures were working.’
      • ‘All the fuss, tight security and checks led to long waits and traffic snarls.’
      • ‘The governor came to the temple with his wife, amid tight security.’
      • ‘In the short run, America will tighten border security.’
      • ‘The players touched down in New Delhi at 1430 hours on a PIA flight amid tight security arrangements.’
      • ‘We must ensure there are tight security controls at the venue and at the athletes' accommodations.’
      • ‘Border security was tightened just as the U.S. slowdown was forcing legions of migrants to return to Mexico.’
      • ‘Once in place, said Moynihan, it's crucial that tight security procedures and policies are maintained.’
      • ‘Elea then set up a series of security measures to ensure that sure an occurrence could never happen again.’
      • ‘More rush on the tracks would of course entail more security measures.’
      • ‘Both exports and imports fell in part because of tighter security measures.’
      • ‘Indonesian Christians will celebrate Christmas amid a tight security in the world's most populous Muslim country.’
      safety measures, safeguards
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    3. 1.3 The state of feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety.
      ‘the emotional security of being the one special person that someone else loves’
      • ‘A deep sense of insecurity grips you and you begin to clutch at emotional and material security.’
      • ‘For one thing, we are afraid, and in times of fear we crave security above all.’
      • ‘Small flechette pistols were sold to give civilians a sense of false security against thugs.’
      • ‘The problems could relate to declining health, declining income or declining emotional security.’
      • ‘You are able to drop old fears and apprehension about material and emotional security.’
      feeling of safety, feeling of ease, absence of anxiety, absence of worry, peace of mind, freedom from doubt, certainty, happiness, comfort, confidence
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  • 2A thing deposited or pledged as a guarantee of the fulfillment of an undertaking or the repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in case of default.

    • ‘The money was being used as security for costs until the appeal was completed.’
    • ‘The plaintiffs say that this property could be put up for security for costs.’
    • ‘If the bank does not get security against the borrower itself, it is difficult to see how it gets it against third parties.’
    • ‘David has offered the Ace Patent to me as security against this money, which, quite frankly, I am not prepared to accept.’
    • ‘The whole business of pledging - parting with goods to act as security against a loan - is also changing, Kempson said.’
    guarantee, collateral, surety, pledge, bond
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  • 3often securitiesA certificate attesting credit, the ownership of stocks or bonds, or the right to ownership connected with tradable derivatives.

    • ‘A mutual fund firm invests in a broad range of stocks or other securities on behalf of a large number of individual clients.’
    • ‘Most of these securities were financed by British and Dutch investors.’
    • ‘The securities trade like stocks when the price of common shares moves above the conversion price.’
    • ‘Most of the respondents had experience in investing in the stock market and other securities.’
    • ‘An adviser executive sells mutual funds, bonds and other related securities to customers.’
    • ‘Already we have seen how important are the securities and derivatives activities of modern banks.’
    • ‘It was mainly leverage created by borrowing to finance securities purchases back then.’
    • ‘But before you go and register all your securities into joint ownership, there is a catch.’
    • ‘Instead, I propose to levy a small tax on transactions in securities on stock exchanges.’
    • ‘Generally, you shouldn't have more securities in your portfolio than you can keep track of effectively.’
    • ‘The new rules also make donating mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities more attractive.’
    • ‘Finally, you can gift shares and other financial securities to charity and get tax relief on their market value.’
    • ‘As we mentioned earlier convertible bonds are rather complex securities for a few reasons.’
    • ‘The duration of gilts, bonds and interest bearing securities will not exceed 2 years.’
    • ‘Most securities that trade this way are penny stocks or are from very small companies.’
    • ‘For those with an interest in individual securities, there are stocks and bonds to meet every need.’
    • ‘One should remember that most of the option theory was developed for financial securities.’
    • ‘Junk bonds or high yield bonds are securities issued by companies that aren't in the best of health.’
    • ‘The Fed uses this cash to purchase securities from primary government bond dealers.’
    • ‘These are pooled investment funds which give access to a wide spread of shares and other securities such as bonds.’
    investments, shares, holdings, securities, equities, bonds
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  • 4A private police force that guards a building, campus, park, etc.

    • ‘Maduna said training of security personnel was the duty of the two soccer federations.’
    • ‘Police and security now restrict parking and work hard to keep the street open.’
    • ‘That usually comprised gang members, police and private security.’
    • ‘Other property owners have been obliged to pay substantial amounts to private security firms to guard their lands.’
    • ‘Parliament security personnel are still puzzled about what might have caused the false alarm.’
    • ‘They rely on bodyguards and private security instead of the police.’
    • ‘As you were marched out of the building by security, they wouldn't be laughing, that's for damn sure.’
    • ‘The men followed him and security staff blocked their way but a fight broke out during which a man suddenly appeared, pointed a gun and fired.’
    • ‘The Immigration Service operation involved about 20 officials and escort guards from a private security firm.’
    • ‘It is little wonder he feels this way when he has to draft in 400 police and 620 private security staff for every Old Firm game.’
    • ‘It is guarded by a private security force contracted out to the Department of Energy!’
    • ‘As a parent of a frosh I am wondering where the campus police or security is when these acts of vandalism occur.’
    • ‘I found them easy for martial artists, police and private security of any level to learn.’
    • ‘Topside, a small building holds security police, a cook and support personnel.’
    • ‘It had gone to the extent of hiring private security companies to guard ATM halls.’
    • ‘Also planned is the privatisation of on campus security and significant staff cuts.’
    • ‘The police force, private security and volunteers were present in large numbers to check any untoward incident.’
    • ‘It is better for private security firms to search staff and guard buildings.’
    • ‘A protesting girl was jostled by one of the longhairs while campus security watched.’
    • ‘No risks have been taken this time, with private security and police almost outnumbering Veritas voters.’


  • on security of something

    • Using something as a guarantee.

      • ‘They could lend on security of shares and stocks held by jobbers to allow them to settle differences at the fortnightly settlements.’
      • ‘Their money has gone to a particular borrower, on security of a particular property, with a particular mortgage.’


Late Middle English: from Old French securite or Latin securitas, from securus ‘free from care’ (see secure).