Definition of secret agent in English:

secret agent


  • A spy acting for a country.

    • ‘There has been some dispute, moreover, about just how secret a secret agent Ms. Wilson was.’
    • ‘In all, the multi-national secret escape network helped more than 300 Allied airmen and secret agents escape Nazi-held territory.’
    • ‘At the same time, they were, and still are, fascinated by the exploits of secret agents and counterspies.’
    • ‘Code breaking, radio surveillance and the training and delivery of secret agents became a round the clock activity.’
    • ‘Today, Mossad is believed to have secret agents in place in enemy states such as Iran and Syria.’
    • ‘In any case tomorrow goes off without a hitch, regardless of the three who think they're secret agents.’
    • ‘For some reason this man working in the FBI as a secret agent didn't make her feeling anymore comfortable about it.’
    • ‘Maybe he's a secret agent with the CIA and doesn't date in order to keep you out of danger.’
    • ‘It was he who published, in his column, that Mrs. Joseph Wilson was a secret agent of the CIA.’
    • ‘Did I cut the figure of an imposing secret agent of the intelligence field then?’
    • ‘For the longest time, we were used to our spies being secret agents.’
    • ‘Chappa is one of the most popular secret agents, working under cover for five years to expose the Gambino mafia family.’
    • ‘In an espionage movie an American secret agent discovers a horrendous terrorist plot to destroy a U.S. city.’
    • ‘An American secret agent breaks a neo-Nazi group operating in 1960s Berlin.’
    • ‘Undercover officers, secret agents, and informants were used to purchase drugs.’
    • ‘Yes we have four people here that are being arrested for crimes committed while working as secret agents for the FBI.’
    • ‘Maybe they're secret agents working for the FBI!’
    • ‘Gabe and Isaiah see this as their chance to be secret agents on some sort of spy mission or something.’
    • ‘Even a secret agent operating out of Vancouver did not blend in.’
    • ‘And he spends too much time debunking the idea of the spy or secret agent's impact on operations.’
    spy, agent, double agent, counterspy, field agent, undercover agent, operative, plant, infiltrator, mole
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secret agent

/ˌsēkrit ˈājənt/