Definition of secondary thickening in US English:

secondary thickening


  • (in the stem or root of a woody plant) the increase in girth resulting from the formation of new woody tissue by the cambium.

    • ‘This seems to reduce extension growth at a whole plant level but to locally stimulate secondary thickening.’
    • ‘Jin and Copper noted that the comb structure originated from the secondary thickening layer and was commonly buried in this layer.’
    • ‘In dicots the largest genomes are typically in herbaceous perennials in which turgor, rather than secondary thickening, plays a major skeletal role.’
    • ‘Instead, the callus is derived from the outer layers of the xylem that have not yet undergone secondary thickening.’
    • ‘This storage organ displays an anomalous form of secondary thickening from a series of supernumerary cambia arranged in concentric rings.’