Definition of secondary sexual characteristic in English:

secondary sexual characteristic


  • Any physical characteristic developing at puberty which distinguishes between the sexes but is not directly involved in reproduction.

    • ‘Therefore, secondary sexual characteristics not only provide a means of differentiating gender, but the degree to which they are developed is a good indicator of reproductive condition.’
    • ‘We weighed all captured individuals, measured carapace length, and determined the gender of each individual based on secondary sexual characteristics.’
    • ‘Male secondary sexual characteristics develop normally in puberty, although the testicles typically are small.’
    • ‘I wonder if there's a similar study of whether young boys are developing secondary sexual characteristics at comparable ages?’
    • ‘During puberty the sexual organs mature, the secondary sexual characteristics (such as breasts and body hair) develop and reproduction becomes possible.’
    • ‘Because females with Turner syndrome don't have proper ovarian development, they usually don't develop all of the secondary sexual characteristics expected during adolescence and are infertile as adults.’


secondary sexual characteristic

/ˈsekənˌderē ˈsekSH(əw)əl ˈˌker(ə)ktəˈristik/