Definition of secondarily in US English:



  • 1As a secondary or less important factor.

    ‘through trade, and perhaps secondarily through publishing, he was very wealthy’
    ‘the case for volunteering is only secondarily economic and political’
    • ‘He mentions that he was an eminent sociologist and at best secondarily an economist.’
    • ‘Like most surrealist practices, automatism is only secondarily a style or compositional method.’
    • ‘The nature of the problem is first and foremost financial excess, and secondarily a real economy development.’
    • ‘She attends a lecture on the photographer primarily because she is interested in his work and secondarily because she knows the speaker.’
    • ‘The tracks were broached as compositions first, and secondarily vehicles for exhibiting the prowess of its players.’
    • ‘The Kansas City metropolitan region was only secondarily a manufacturing center.’
    • ‘The islanders identify first with their individual islands and secondarily with the country as a whole.’
    • ‘The torpedo was designed primarily for anti-submarine warfare and secondarily for use against surface ships.’
    • ‘The toy was secondarily to be educational.’
    • ‘The man of genius can operate rationally, after careful consideration, from conviction, but all that happens only secondarily.’
    1. 1.1 As a secondary consequence; subsequently.
      ‘the lesions often ulcerate and become secondarily infected’
      • ‘These reactions are thought to occur secondarily to endotoxin in the vaccine.’
      • ‘Oesophagitis may lead to the production and release of inflammatory mediators, which could secondarily alter smooth muscle function.’
      • ‘Patellar tendon damage may develop secondarily.’
      • ‘The mechanism of injury may be the result of infected cells infiltrating neural tissue or inducing an inflammatory reaction that secondarily causes symptoms.’
      • ‘The disorder originates often secondarily to trauma, endocrine disease, lupus, or AIDS.’
      • ‘Abscesses which arise secondarily to infections of the paranasal sinuses are usually found in the frontal lobes.’
      • ‘Oesophageal motor function can be secondarily impaired in patients with various connective tissue diseases.’
      • ‘There are lots of medical and psychiatric conditions that secondarily cause insomnia, depression being the most notable.’
      • ‘It is possible that the rash was caused by something else initially and that he became infected secondarily with scabies.’
      • ‘Eighty per cent of the patients develop secondarily progressive MS after some period, typically within 7–15 years.’